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Eliminates the cause of snoring, not just the symptoms!

Anti-snoring trainers address the cause of snoring, not just the symptoms. Anti-snoring trainers tighten the muscles of the palate and throat and thus reduce or even prevent snoring. This distinguishes anti-snoring trainers from other anti-snoring devices (such as mandibular advancement devices or nasal dilators). However, they require a longer, continuous use and the results of the training are only evident after a period of time (usually several weeks)... Show more

In which instances is an anti-snoring trainer effective?

That depends on the anti-snoring trainer: DragonPearl is primarily directed towards tongue-based snoring, because it strengthens the muscles of the tongue and throat.

How long does it take before one stops snoring

This depends from person to person. In our experience, a positive effect as a result of the training can be achieved after several weeks of training. However, this depends on many factors.

Do I have to continue the training if it has been successful?

We recommend that you continue training even though you have experienced a positive effect as a result of the training. However, this can be done at a reduced intensity. In this way you maintain the muscles and prevent them from slackening again due to a lack of training.

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