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Best Snoring App for Android and iPhone

Dr. Hannes Wakonig

Last update on 23. February 2021

Nowadays there are numerous snoring apps for Android and iPhone – but how useful are they? We have tested over 15 snoring apps for you. Having done so, we are able to tell you which snoring apps can really help you to address your snoring problem.

For some time now there has been a series of smartphone apps to detect and evaluate snoring. These apps promise a variety of different functions to the user, but do they really deliver on their promises? These apps differ considerably both in the software used and thus also in their informative value.

1. Introduction – measuring, drowning out or training?

For our test we identified three groups of snoring apps that can be found on the app platforms of Google and Apple.

Snoring Analysis

By far the most important are those apps that record you snoring and measure the volume of your snoring. This enables the user to determine whether and how much he or she snores. The apps in this group (such as SnoreLab or SnoreClock), which we have rated highly, also allow users to compare snoring volume over several days.

“With the leading snoring apps you can therefore objectively judge whether the chosen anti-snoring remedy really helps”, says Dr. Hannes Wakonig, snoring expert at SomniShop. A simple comparison would suffice: “How loudly do you snore without an anti-snoring device compared to when you do. This can be measured within 2-3 nights”.

Snorers can also compare  the effectiveness of different snoring remedies within a short period of time and thus determine the most suitable solution for them. “This procedure is particularly recommended in cases where the cause of snoring is unclear. Unfortunately, this is still often the case despite all the progress in snoring diagnostics”, says Dr. Wakonig

Neutralising snoring sounds

In the second group are those apps that attempt to neutralise snoring sounds with soft music or noise. However, the snoring apps of this type that were tested, could not convince our testers of their effectiveness. We found general  apps aimed at helping you fall asleep with pleasant background music more convincing. However, even these apps are hardly able to neutralise snoring sounds.

Snorefree – innovative training approach

We also tested the new Snorefree App, which provides video training for snorers. It offers a promising approach, but requires great discipline from the user.

Apps deliberately excluded from the test

Excluded from our test are those English apps that only contain snoring sounds or short articles about snoring. These are optimised for common keyword searches, such as; ‘anti snoring’ or ‘snoring sounds’ , but usually do not offer the user any added value. In addition, these apps are packed with advertisements – some of which are of a very questionable nature.

We also generally advise against apps that wake  snorers up when they start snoring. This can lead to dangerous daytime tiredness and does not even begin to solve the snoring problem. We have therefore not tested such apps (e.g. the  Anti Snoring App).

Apps like Excluded  Eversleep or ESUN, for which you have to buy an additional device have also been excluded. Instead, we have concentrated on those apps that only require a smartphone.

2. Test group 1: Apps for snoring analysis

First of all we tested the apps that can be used to analyse snoring sounds. In this group SnoreLab was our best in test.

1. SnoreLab – Our best in test for snoring analysis

Added value for the user: Excellent (1.0). Very good snoring analysis. Detects possible snoring sounds well and classifies them very clearly into four categories. Snoring score allows comparison over several days. Concentrates on the most important noises during noise recording – therefore an evaluation is possible in only a few minutes (instead of hours). Allows one to record the anti-snoring aids used as well as any  influencing factors in an electronic diary each night. In the free version only noise samples are recorded, but this is usually sufficient.

Operating comfort: Excellent (1.3). Very clear user interface, attractive and clearly structured. Offers numerous options and good information about the tools available in the free version.  One negative point is that occasionally translation errors occur in foreign language versions.

Data protection: Satisfactory (4.0). Does not require an E-mail address to start. However, a specific privacy policy is missing.

Homepage – clear presentation
Recording of a single night – overall results at a glance

Overall rating: Good (1.7). Very mature app for snoring analysis. Very well suited for testing how effective an anti-snoring device is. The very positive overall impression is only clouded by the missing privacy statement.

Freemium version: The free version was tested  (with in-app advertising). The ad-free paid version costs 9,99€ in the Google Play Store. It offers interactive analysis options, notably according to trends, a continuous recording of snoring and music to fall asleep to.

Rating Google Play Store : 4,5 ; 19378  reviews
Rating Apple App Store: 4,6 ; 5063  reviews

Number of Downloads Google Play Store: 1 Mio+
Number of downloads Apple App Store: 5 Mio+ (information from the developer)

Download-Link Google Play Store:

Download-Link Apple:

2. SnoreClock

Added value for the user: Good (2.3). Shows the recorded volume in a noise diagram. Possible snoring noises are highlighted in red. You can quickly and easily refer back to a particular time in the recording history via a slider. The app also evaluates the snoring volume with a point value – but this is not classified in any further detail. Unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to record influencing factors or snoring aids used per night. A comparison is thus made difficult.

Operating comfort: good (1.7). Clear, sporty-looking watch design. Controls are intuitive and the app is clearly structured.  

Data protection: Excellent (1.0). No need to enter an E-mail address in advance. Privacy policy is short and easy to understand.

Overall rating: good (2.0). A good snoring app, which is clearly structured and offers added value for the user.

Freemium version: The free version was tested. The ad-free premium version with additional storage and reporting functions costs 5.99€ (Android).

Rating Google Play Store: 4.1 ; 3796 reviews
Rating Apple App Store: 4,5 ; 2 reviews

Number of downloads Google Play Store: + 500 000
Number of downloads Apple App Store: n/a

Download-Link Google Play Store:

Download-Link Apple:

3.  Do I Snore or Grind

Added value for the user: Good (2.0). In our test it reliably detected snoring sounds and was able to distinguish them from background sounds such as ambient noise or human voices. Evaluates the intensity of snoring with a snoring score and thus allows comparisons over several days. Also allows you to take other influencing factors such as smoking or stress as well as anti-snoring aids used into account and thus to better understand snoring causes through comparisons.

Ease of use: Satisfactory (3.0). Unfortunately, the app is only partially translated into languages other than English. A positive feature is the very detailed instructions on how to start the app and how best to place the mobile phone at night. The app runs smoothly and without any interruptions on our Android test system.

Data protection: Inadequate (5.0). The app requires you to enter your e-mail address right at the start. There is no privacy policy. The product loses points with us in this category.

Results displayed – using a traffic light system

Overall rating: Satisfactory (3.0). An overall useful app, whose value is significantly reduced by inadequate translations and poor data protection.

Rating Google Play Store: 4.2 ; 3811 reviews
Rating Apple App Store: 4.0 (1 note)

Number of downloads Google Play Store: 100 000 +
Number of downloads Apple App Store: n/a

Download link Google Play Store:

Download link Apple:

4. Goodsomnia

Added value for the user: Satisfactory (3.0). Provides simple functions for recording and analysing snoring functions. The results are clearly presented.

User comfort: Satisfactory (3.3). The app is in English only. It is clearly arranged and attractively designed. However, the app is strongly orientated towards the Goodsomnia products, several menu points are assigned to their operation.

Privacy: Inadequate (5.0). Mandatory entry of E-mail address and personal data at the very start. No clear explanation is given for why these are needed for snoring analysis. The privacy policy is missing.

Overall assessment: Satisfactory (3.3). Visually the app is quite appealing,  but it is clearly inferior to SnoreLab and SnoreClock.

Heart rate and sleep data logged

Freemium version: The free version was tested. The premium version (Android) with additional reporting and cloud storage functions costs 1.49€ per month.

Rating Google Play Store: 3,8 ; 74 reviews
Rating Apple App Store: 4.4 ; 7 reviews

Number of downloads Google Play Store: 5000+
Number of downloads Apple App Store: n/a

Download-Link Google Play Store:

Download-Link Apple:

5. Snoring Analyzer

Added value for the user: Sufficient (4.3). Cannot distinguish snoring sounds from other background noises such as voices in our test. Allows for quick access to specific time periods via a slider. Noises are scored according to decibel units. Information about snoring aids is sometimes misleading or downright wrong (e.g. the app claims that a chin strap pushes the jaw forward – whereas this is not true).

Ease of use: Satisfactory (3.3). The app is in English only. However, the menu is clear and well structured, easy to use

Data protection: Inadequate (5.0). Requires entry of E-mail address right at the beginning. No privacy policy.

Overall rating: Sufficient (4,3). The app offers very little added value, especially compared to SnoreLab and SnoreClock.

Totally free app, no costs involved.

Rating Google Play Store : 3.0 ; 52 reviews
Number of downloads Google Play Store: 10000+

Download-Link Google Play Store:

Download-Link Apple:

3. Test group 2: Neutralising snoring

1. SleepSation

Added value for the user: Sufficient (4.0). Users can choose between 6 different background noises (including ocean or forest sounds). The background noise becomes more intense as snoring volume increases. It is doubtful whether this app can really drown out snoring. To drown out snoring, the volume of the background noise must be very high – which can be very annoying. In addition, it takes some time for the volume to adjust to sudden snoring.

Ease of use: Excellent (1.3). Simple and clear user guidance, detailed help function. 

Data protection: Sufficient (4.0). No E-mail signup required at the beginning, but no privacy policy, either. 

Overall rating: Sufficient (4.0). Interesting approach to snoring, but we are not convinced of its effectiveness in practice. Incidentally, other, free sleep apps offer significantly more options and choices for falling asleep.

Freemium version: free version only available for 21 days, after that you need to purchase the premium version for about EUR 7 (price for Android version).

Rating Google Play Store: 3,6 ; 66 reviews

Number of downloads Google Play Store: 10000+

Download-Link Google Play Store:

2. SnorEraser

Added value for the user: Insufficient  (5.0). According to self-promotion, this app should help reduce the sudden frequency peaks of snorers. For this purpose, it offers four different background noises that can be individually adjusted via filters. A good idea – but the sounds of the app reminded us of hot, hissing steam, which we found very annoying when falling asleep. 

Ease of use: Satisfactory (3.0). The app is available exclusively in English. The menu is easy to use and we found the full-screen advertising annoying. 

Data protection: Sufficient (4.0). No E-mail signup required at the beginning, but no privacy policy either. 

Overall rating: Insufficient (5.0). We very much doubt that one can fall asleep with this background noise. 

Freemium version: Free version is limited to about 24 hours, after that you have to buy a paid version. The price is relatively high at 35 USD.

Rating Google Play Store: 3.0 ; 20 reviews

Number of downloads Google Play Store: 1000+

Download-Link Google Play Store:

Download-Link Apple:

Conclusion: We strongly doubt that the apps available that are currently available on the market which promise to neutralise snoring really help. At best, they can serve as a general sleeping aid.

But then you are much better off with general sleep apps. In our test, we found the sleep apps “Sleep sounds” and “Sleepo”  to be far more effective.

These offer significantly better background noises, which can even be combined to create a customised sleep mix. They also have a timer that ensures that the soothing sounds end after a predefined time.

4. Anti-snoring training Apps

Instead of  analysing or neutralising snoring, are there options to stop snoring by means of training. This is what the SnoreFree App suggests. We tested the app.

Added value for the user: Excellent (1.3). Very good, individualised SnoreFree training – a gym for lips, tongue and throat (time required approximately 10-15 minutes per day). With the help of exercise videos the muscles are strengthened. These show which main anatomical muscle groups you are training (lips, front or back of tongue or throat), whether and which utensils are needed, the recommended training time for the exercise and the last personal rating. Exercises can be skipped at any time. Once the exercise has been carried out, it can be evaluated in order to adapt the training plan to your personal needs.

In the free version there are only 6 exercises available. To unlock more exercises, SnoreFree must be purchased (cost 7.50 – 9.99€ per month)

Ease of use: Excellent (1.3). Clear user interface, appealing and clearly structured. Videos and descriptive text help in performing the exercise.

Data protection: Satisfactory (3.0). Requires an E-mail address as well as first and last name information to start. In addition, gender and date of birth must be entered, according to the developer’s specifications, this is necessary to optimise individual training plans. Privacy policy and terms and conditions are available.

Overall rating: Good (1.7). The first snoring therapy app with logopaedic video training. The app addresses the root cause of snoring – namely the muscular tissue weakness in the mouth and throat. The tailored personal exercise regimes are easy to use and understand. A short introductory video by the developer of the app also provides information on snoring and explains the risks involved. Unfortunately, there is no clinical evidence to date on how effective the exercises are in combating snoring.

Freemium version: The free version has been tested (with only 6 exercises). The full paid version costs between € 7.50 and € 9.99 in the Google Play Store.

Rating Google Play Store: 4,2 (19 reviews)
Rating Apple App Store: 4,2 (5 rating)

Number of downloads Google Play Store: 1000+
Number of downloads Apple App Store: n/a

Download link Google Play Store:

Download link Apple:

5. Our conclusion

Diagnostic apps such as SnoreLab or SnoreClock offer the user a clear added value: they help to better assess snoring and measure the effectiveness of anti-snoring products by means of a before/after comparison.

We do not recommend apps that try to neutralise the sound of snoring. It is doubtful that they are effective and, in our opinion, they can even add to the noise problem. 

The SnoreFree snoring training app offers a very interesting, new approach that can help address the causes of snoring. Although experience with it is still limited and it requires discipline and time, it is a very wholesome approach. In view of our positive experience with anti-snoring trainers like FaceFormer, we think it is promising and worth trying out.

This is how we conducted our tests

We downloaded the discussed apps from the Google Play Store in summer 2019 and tried them out for one or more nights. Our grading scale goes from excellent (1.0) to unsatisfactory (5.0). The final rating is based on our overall impression of the app and not on an arithmetic average of the sub-criteria; viz “added value for the user”, “ease of use” and “data protection”. The information on downloads and user ratings from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store were updated at the beginning of December 2019.

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Dr. Hannes Wakonig

Managing Director

Hannes Wakonig comes out of the Marketing and Finance branch and has previously worked in the field of medical technology. He is the co-founder and managing director of SomniShop (health.On Ventures GmbH) and AescuBrands.

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