CPAP Pillow

A CPAP pillow can assist you to sleep on your side more comfortably when you wear a CPAP mask. This is achieved through side cut-outs in the pillow, which are especially designed to accommodate a CPAP mask. This can prevent the pillow from pressing up against the CPAP mask – which is a common problem for side sleepers who wear a CPAP mask and sleep on normal pillows. You do not have to make sacrifices as far as comfort is concerned: Our CPAP pillows are divided into several zones to relieve the strain on the head, shoulders and neck. Make sure that the CPAP pillow is the correct height for you to lie comfortably. You can determine this very easily: measure the height of a normal pillow on which you lie comfortably, the CPAP pillow should then be approximately the same height. You will find the height of the CPAP pillow on the respective product detail page under “Product Details”.

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