Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

Mandibular advancement devices (MADs) move the lower jaw forward during sleep. Thus keeping the airways in the throat open. Snoring often occurs because the tongue and throat muscles relax during sleep, narrowing the space in the throat. MADs help to prevent this.

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Our Purchase Tips for Mandibular Advancement Devices

When buying a mandibular advancement device you should pay special attention to these points:

1. Size

Our mandibular advancement devices always come in one size. However, the size varies depending on the MAD. Somnipax guard S, for example, is more suitable for smaller jaws, somnipax guard for larger jaws.

With this simple trick you can quickly and safely estimate whether the mandibular advancement device fits your jaw:

Cut a square out of a thicker, clean cardboard box, just big enough to fit in your mouth and cover your teeth. Put the piece of cardboard in your mouth and bite hard on it once. Your jaw impression should now be clearly visible on the cardboard. You can now measure the length and width of your jaw impression with a ruler. Then compare these measurements with the width and length of the mandibular advancement device that we specified in the “Technical data” section. The length and width of the MAD should be at least 1 mm greater than the length and width of your jaw impression. If this is the case, then it is suitable for your jaw size.

2. Comfort

Comfort is a very important selection factor when buying a mandibular advancement devices. Even the most effective MAD is of very little use if it is perceived to be uncomfortable as and is therefore not worn. Based on our many years of product experience, we have evaluated the comfort of the respective MADs for you – you can easily use a filter to look for the ideal MAD.

3. Fitting

Most mandibular advancement devices can be heated in a water bath and then moulded to fit your bite. This is easy to do and can be repeated several times. The advantage of this is that the MAD is significantly more comfortable. You do not have to mould the ZQuiet this means it is even faster and even easier to fit. Despite this, this MAD is very comfortable because it is made from soft material.

ZQuiet se passe de cette adaptabilité au profit d’une application plus rapide et encore plus simple. Néanmoins, grâce à son plastique souple, cette gouttière est très confortable à porter.

4. Mandibular Advancement

Mandibular advancement devices can usually move the lower jaw forward by up to 10 mm, and with somnipax guard S even up to 12 mm. The mandibular advancement is usually adjusted in steps of approx. 1-2 mm or is even infinitely variable (e.g. with SomnoGuard AP 2). A finer adjustability offers greater precision and comfort. However, in our experience, an adjustability in steps of 1-2 mm is usually absolutely sufficient.

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