Staudt Gel

STAUDT-Gel – for improved mobility, relaxed muscles and joints

The pleasant smelling STAUDT gel can promote blood circulation in joints and increase the well-being of joints and muscles. It is the ideal supplement to atherapy sleeve or bandage, which is worn at night. STAUDT Gel comprises of a unique combination of valuable vital ingredients from green-lipped mussel extract to active herbal ingredients.

Green-Lipped Mussel Extract

The green-lipped mussel extract contains beneficial vital ingredients for the joint well-being, such as glycosaminoglycans, which are an important component of the synovial fluid. It also contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Active Herbal Ingredients

STAUDT gel also comprises of high-quality active herbal ingredients that are anti-inflammatory or promote blood circulation. They come from plants such as witch hazel, wintergreen, eucalyptus or rosemary.

STAUDT Gel is available in a 125 ml tube or in a 500 ml gel dispenser / refill pack.

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