Staudt Therapeutic Sleeves and Bandages

Еffectively relieve pain while you sleep

The STAUDT Therapy Sleeves and Bandages are worn at night. The unique textile fabric exploits the movements you make while you sleep to effectively massage your muscles and joints. This significantly improves the blood circulation and metabolism. Thus, joint and muscle pain are considerably alleviated by this nocturnal therapy. STAUDT Therapy Sleeves and Bandage are therefore the ideal supplement to classic bandages... Show more

The STAUDT Therapy Sleeves and Bandages are available for (almost) every part of the body

Very comfortable, high-tech textile fabric ensures better blood circulation and metabolism

Clinical observation study proves strong pain reduction by STAUDT Sleeves (bandages)

In a clinical observation study at the Schallerbacherhof Clinical Centre in Austria in 2017 (study leader: Dr. Strasser) the joint pain of ALL 50 participating patients was reduced after 21 days, on average by more than 50%. The therapeutic glove, knee, back or shoulder bandages were worn for 21 days.

At the same time, 92% of patients found the bandages comfortable to wear.

Source: Clinical observation study at Schallerbacherhof Clinic, study leader Prim. Dr. Renate Strasser, Medical Director, Bad Schallerbach, March 2017

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