Nasal Dilators

Nasal dilators are inserted into the nose and gently dilate the nostrils from the inside. This allows the air to flow better through the nose. They are a very popular anti-snoring device, as restricted nasal breathing is a very common cause of snoring.

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Overview of out top 3 purchase tips:

Would you like more detailed purchase tips? Then you’re welcome to read on!

Tip #1: Improved airflow through the nose while breathing

Do you want the nasal dilator to provide you with more airflow through the nose?

Then we recommend somnipax air or the identical ClipAir. Both nasal dilators increase the airflow through the nose particularly well. Thanks to their winged shape, they are also effective an dilating the upper areas of the nasal cavity. Our tubular or conical nasal dilators (e.g. somnipax breathe, pure and oxyhero push) do not dilate as extensively, but they can also provide significantly more airflow through the nose.

Tip #2: Comfort

You want an effective nasal dilator, but it should not cause discomfiture?

Then tubular “dowel-shaped” nasal dilators (e.g. somnipax breathe or somnipax pure) or in conical nasal dilators (oxyhero push) are the right choice for you. Thanks to their tubular or conical shape they distribute the pressure of the nasal dilator particularly well. In addition, they are only inserted into the entrance of the nostril, which is perceived as more comfortable by many customers.

Tip # 3 Secure fit

You value a secure fit in a nasal dilator?

Then the oxyhero push is the best choice for two reasons: (1) The starter set comes in three different sizes (S, M and L). Thus, the risk is very low that the nasal dilator is too small or too large and therefore does not fit well. (2) The oxyhero push nasal dilators have anchors on the sides which are face upwards during insertion and then spread inside the nose to anchor the nasal dilator securely. This is the same principle of action as a rawlplug and provides a particularly good hold.

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