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How should one proceed if a mandibular advancement device (MAD) does not offer sufficient support?

There are two possible reasons for this – (1) suboptimal moulding, or (2) the MAD consists of too little material for your bite.

In the case of the Boil&Bite MADs, we recommend you remould the MAD. Prior to remoulding the MAD, it is important to smooth the old dental impressions in the MAD, so that you bite into a smoothed surface during the remoulding.

As far as the procedure is concerned, you should warm up the MAD as you would for an initial fitting, followed by smoothing the old dental impressions out, let it cool down and, finally, reheat the MAD. If you attempt to complete the “smoothing” and moulding in one go, there is the risk of the material rehardening too soon and the dental impression, therefore, not being deep enough, Which may result in the MAD fitting too loosely.

(2) Should this not lead to the desired result and should this be a MAD from the series somnipax guard(S) or SomnoFit(S) , then there is also the free-of-charge solution to receive a MAD that has more bulk. For this purpose, please contact our customer service ( , and briefly describe the issue. If possible, please also include an image of the MAD, in which the dental impressions in the MAD are clearly visible. We will then immediately get back to you.