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How should someone who has no prior experience with mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and who would, therefore, like to gradually approach the topic of MADs proceed? Can a MAD also be ordered for testing purposes?

1. We would first advise you to ascertain if MADs are suitable for your specific cause of snoring. For this purpose, we recommend that you to take our snoring test. It only takes approximately 3 minutes, and was not only developed together with doctors from the University Hospital Erlangen but also offers you individually tailored solution suggestions to prevent snoring.

2. Should a MAD turn out to be a suitable solution for you, then – when it comes to selecting a MAD – be sure to pay special attention to the following criteria (aside from price): size and comfort:

a) On our product category page for MADs, you can conveniently filter your search results according to level of comfort they provide.

b) With regard to selecting the appropriate size, we recommend the following approach:

Cut a square from a thick and clean cardboard box, just large enough in size to fit inside your mouth and to cover your teeth. Insert the cardboard square into your mouth and bite down on it. This should leave behind a clear imprint of your jaw on the cardboard square. Then measure the length and width of your jaw imprint with the aid of a ruler, followed by comparing your measurements with the MAD measurements provided on the respective product page in the section “Technical Data”. The MAD should be at least 1 mm larger in length and width than that of your jaw imprint in order to be a suitable fit for your respective jaw size.

3. The somnipax guard and somnipax guard S MADs can be purchased as a fee-based Extra Package which provides you with an optional 30-Day trial right. With this trial right, we also take the product back if the seal on the sterile packaging has been removed after delivery or if the product has already been used or damaged. We will then refund you the full purchase price minus the stated costs for the extended 30-day trial right. However, if the sterile packaging has been removed or damaged, the normal 30 day right of return for all other MADs, not purchased as a fee-based Extra Package, will be revoked.