#3 Bestsellerin All Nasal Dilators

somnipax breathe

- Nasal dilator - very comfortable - more air through the nose 4.0 of 5, comfort 5.0 of 5, grip 4.0 of 5, for all nose types
3.6 of 5 stars (10 Customer reviews)
#3 Bestsellerin All Nasal Dilators
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  • Rapid results - Unisize fits almost any nose
  • Gently dilates the nostrils, thus providing more airflow through the nose, reduces / prevents nasal snoring
  • Very comfortable - made from silcone which is well tolerated, good fit, pleasant rounded shape
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somnipax breathe Nasal dilator - very comfortable - more air through the nose 4.0 of 5, comfort 5.0 of 5, grip 4.0 of 5, for all nose types

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Product description

Effective for poor nasal breathing and consequent snoring. Also suitable for endurance sports.
Once you have inserted the nasal dilator into your nose, it can do everything else for you – improved air supply through the nose without any effort!
Pleasant to wear, it is made of elastic, well-tolerated silicone; rounded corners and a firm fit ensure optimum comfort. Included in delivery: Nasal dilator, handy storage box, instructions for use.


With filter (for dust and pollen)
Anchorage in nose
Better airflow through nose

Scope of delivery

The selected number of nasal dilators

Customer reviews (10)

3.6 of 5 stars 10 Customer Reviews
5 Stars 30% 3
4 Stars 40% 4
3 Stars 10% 1
2 Stars 0% 0
1 Star 20% 2
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Snoring can have several causes. The nasal dilator somnipax breathe addresses one of the most common ones: Poor breathing through the nose which is one of the major causes of snoring. The nasal dilator effectively prevents this. Snoring often has several causes at the same time. somnipax breathe can help as a quick and easy initial solution. If this does not work sufficiently, you can use a mandibular advancement device (MAD) in combination with the nasal dilator. This prevents your tongue from blocking the airways in your mouth and at the same time ensures that you can breathe better through your nose. If your snoring is due to vibrating tissue in the palate area, which is usually caused by open mouth breathing, you should consider using the somnipax anti-snoring mouth guard together with the nasal dilator. This is suitable to prevent vibrating tissue.

Return Policy

For hygiene reasons, this product is delivered in sealed hygienic packaging. You are therefore NOT able to return the product if the sealed hygienic packaging has been unwrapped. Provided the sealed packaging is unopened, you have the option to return the product to us within 30 days of receipt.

This does not affect your statutory rights, most notably with regard to product defects.

You can find further details of your right to return goods in our GTC.

Instructions for use

Do not use the somnipax breathe nasal dilator if you suspect you suffer from sleep apnoea, or you suffer from an asymmetrical nasal septum, obstructed or blocked nasal breathing. In these cases, consult your doctor before using a somnipax pure. Keep the somnipax pure away from small children because they present a danger of being swallowed.

Instruction manual

Hold the U-shaped connecting loop so that both small tubes point upwards. Insert them into your nostrils until the connecting loop touches the the columella of the nose (the area between the two nostrils) . IIf you have a very small nose the connecting loop my not be flush against the columella, it may stick out a little. Once you barely feel or stop feeling the nasal dilator at all, you can be sure that it is inserted correctly. You will find more detailed information in the instructions for use supplied with the dilator. After you wake up, remove the somnipax breathe by gently pulling on the connecting loop. Clean the nasal dilator with soap and water and store it in a dry place. You can safely use the dilator up to 60 times, after that the material may become brittle. You will find more detailed information in the instructions for use supplied with the dilator. Check out the detailed instructions for use of the nose dilator somnipax breathe, here.

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