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- Nasal dilator - effective - more air through the nose 5.0 of 5, comfort 4.0 of 5, grip 4.5 of 5
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  • Effective for preventing nasal snoring - dilates nasal wings substantially, thus improving nasal breathing
  • Superior comfort: customisable, soft medical plastic, high flexibility
  • Top quality - Swiss product
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somnipax air Nasal dilator - effective - more air through the nose 5.0 of 5, comfort 4.0 of 5, grip 4.5 of 5

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Product description

A solution for snoring must, above all, be effective and be worn regularly. Only then can it improve the sleeping situation of the person concerned

That’s why a nasal dilator works so well

Snoring occurs when the tissue in the area of the upper respiratory tract relaxes and slackens during sleep. In most instances the nose is involved in the cause of snoring in one way or another. Either as the main cause of snoring, or as is more frequently the case, in a contributory role.

If the nasal airways are restricted two things can happen. Either you get so little air through your nose that you unconsciously switch to breathing through your mouth while you sleep. If then the tissue in the back of the oral cavity is too slack, open mouth snoring occurs. If you get just enough air through your nose that your body does not switch to mouth breathing, it is a not much better scenario. Because then you breathe against a resistance during sleep, a negative pressure is formed in the airways and as a result they contract. This causes air turbulence in particularly narrowed areas, as a result the tissues vibrate which results in snoring which results in snoring.

A nasal dilator like somnipax air addresses the root of the problem – the narrowed nasal airways. It widens the lower and middle passages in the nose and thus ensures an unobstructed airflow through the nose, into the lungs. The dilator prevents negative pressure from forming and from the nasal passages folding in on one another, so-called; nasal valve collapse occuring.

That’s why you breathe with effortlessly with somnipax air

Whoever wants to buy a nasal dilator is spoilt for choice. Because the offer is huge. So what do you look for in a nasal dilator? In our experience, two things matter: comfort and effectiveness.

A nasal dilator has an important task – it must ensure that the wearer can breathe unimpeded. If this does not succeed, one breathes against a resistance. That requires effort. Breathing against a resistance all night long requires a lot of effort. The body no longer recovers sufficiently during sleep. So the more effective a nasal dilator is, the higher the chances for optimal regeneration during sleep. This is what somnipax air is optimised for. The aerodynamic shape of the wings widens the entrance to the nose and prevents the nostrils from collapsing when breathing air (nasal valve collapse). In addition, it facilitates air to flow through the nasal passages with particularly low turbulence. One breathes almost completely effortlessly with the nasal dilator.

But what is the most effective nasal dilator good for if it is not worn, because it is not comfortable, for example. Comfort must be a top priority. That is why somnipax air is made of pleasantly soft plastic without sharp edges. Modern precision manufacturing makes this possible. If this is not enough, somnipax air can be heated in a water bath and then moulded to for a custom-fit. The material is thermoformable. And finally, the product is also available in 3 sizes. So everybody can choose the right model for his/her nose size.

Overview the quality features of the somnipax air

  • Application without customisation
  • thermoformable material
  • smooth finish, high quality production
  • snug fit
  • three dilators included in delivery

That’s why you should order NOW

No surgery necessary

Nasal dilators are simply inserted into the nostrils. There is no surgical procedure

High success rate from the 1st application

Easy to use, sleep silently. Almost immediate results

Nasal dilators are important contributors to peaceful nights, without snoring

Many doctors recommend nasal dilators as an effective (supplementary) therapy for snoring


With filter (for dust and pollen)
Anchorage in nose
Better airflow through nose

Scope of delivery

The selected number of nasal dilators

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Snoring can have several causes. The somnipax air nasal dilator is used for one of the most common ones: Difficulty breathing through the nose is one of the major causes of snoring. The nasal dilator effectively prevents this. However, snoring often has several causes at the same time. Then the somnipax air nasal dilator can be a quick and inexpensive solution. If this does not work adequately, you can use the somnipax air Nasal Dilator in combination with a mandibular advancement device like the SomnoFit-S. This prevents your tongue from blocking the airways in your mouth and at the same time ensures that you can breathe more easily through your nose. If your snoring is caused by vibrating tissue in the palate area, usually caused by open mouth breathing, you should consider using the somnipax Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard together with the nasal dilator. This adequately prevents vibrating tissue.

Return Policy

For hygiene reasons, this product is delivered in sealed hygienic packaging. You are therefore NOT able to return the product if the sealed hygienic packaging has been unwrapped. Provided the sealed packaging is unopened, you have the option to return the product to us within 30 days of receipt.

This does not affect your statutory rights, most notably with regard to product defects.

You can find further details of your right to return goods in our GTC.

Instructions for use

Do not use the somnipax air nasal dilator if you notice an allergic reaction to the material, or you suffer from an asymmetrical nasal septum, obstructed or blocked nasal breathing. In these cases, consult your doctor before using somnipax air. Keep somnipax air away from small children from because they present a danger of being swallowed.

Instruction manual

Insert the somnipax air nasal dilator into your nose in such a way that the outer wings are inside the nose and dilates the nostrils. The connecting loop should rest on the columella of the nose (the area between the nostrils) without causing any pressure. If the nasal dilator does not fit perfectly, place it in a 60 degree Celsius water bath and then customise the shape to suit you. Clean the somnipax air nasal dilator after use with lukewarm water and soap. Replace it every three months to ensure high standards of hygiene and reduce wear on the material.

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With filter (for dust and pollen)
  • somnipax air - Nasal dilator - effective - more air through the nose 5.0 of 5, comfort 4.0 of 5, grip 4.5 of 5
    somnipax air Nasal Dilator