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somnipax shirt Standard (with roll)

- positional therapy shirt for the relief of sleep apnoea and snoring, rated excellent comfort 4.5 out of 5
3.8 of 5 stars (6 Customer reviews) | 83.3% customer satisfaction
#1 Bestsellerin All Positional Training Products
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  • ideal fit: pick the perfect shirt for you. Available in both men’s and women’s styles and all standard garment sizes (XS–XXXL). Choose the ideal firmness for you with a range of back inserts.
  • discreet: the classic T-shirt design comes in v- or round neck. Perfect teamed with nightwear: you forget you are wearing a medical product at all.
  • good for you: with the somnipax shirt you get a more restful night’s sleep and perform better during the day. Produced from eco-friendly materials to support a healthy lifestyle (GOTS-certified organic cotton guaranteed to be free of harmful substances). Sleeping on your side feels natural and prevents snoring and interruptions in breathing.
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somnipax shirt Standard (with roll) positional therapy shirt for the relief of sleep apnoea and snoring, rated excellent comfort 4.5 out of 5

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Product description

You can wear somnipax shirt at night just like a normal T-shirt or your usual nightwear. There is a smart positional insert integrated into the back of the shirt which prevents you sleeping in the supine position (on your back). This eliminates the cause of your positional snoring or breathing interruptions which occur when you sleep on your back (positional obstructive sleep apnoea – POSA).

What makes somnipax shirt so popular?

somnipax shirt is carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of every body type. That’s why there are a range of options for men and women. The women’s style is a classic round collar with a contoured cut on the sleeves and waist for a superior fit and comfortable feel. The men’s style comes with a sporty v-neck and classic straight T-shirt cut. Both versions are available in all standard garment sizes (XS–XXXL).

The shirt is optimised for superior comfort. It offers a form-fitting cut that does not feel tight or restrictive. The material does not tauten when you breathe and allows maximum freedom of movement for your shoulders and arms. The sleeve openings are cut wide enough that they do not cut into the arms. The positional insert is sewn securely into its own fabric pocket (with zip) on the back of the shirt and cannot slip out – even during very restless sleep. In the standard version of the shirt, the positional insert is made from hard foam. This light material is comfortable to sleep in, yet robust and durable.

Made from luxuriously soft organic cotton, the material of the shirt is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances (GOTS certified). The product does not have any straps or clips to get in the way, meaning the only thing you notice is the feel of the soft cotton. The 100% natural fabric allows for a healthy environment for sleep that does not cause sweating or build up of moisture.

And finally, somnipax shirt is a favourite with users because they love its unrivalled discreet look. What you see is a classic piece of nightwear – the white T-shirt. What you wear, on the other hand, is a CE-certified medical device. A highly effective treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnoea and a potent remedy for the relief of simple, positional snoring (so-called ‘tongue base’ snoring).

Here’s why somnipax shirt works so well.

Snoring noises and interruptions in breathing at night (“apnoeas”) both occur when the soft issue in the upper airways relaxes and slackens during sleep.

For many of us, this relaxation causes the tongue to fall backwards into the throat (when lying on your back), which narrows or even temporarily closes off the airways. Vibrations and airflow turbulence then occur at this narrowed point. This is what causes the sound of snoring. If the airways become completely closed, interruptions in breathing occur.

The positional sleep therapy shirt is very effective in preventing the tongue from falling backwards into the throat. The positional insert in the back of the shirt enables you to sleep on your side or front. Now when the tongue muscle relaxes during sleep, it does not fall back into the throat but rather onto the inside of the cheek. As a result your airways remain clear. You can sleep free from unwelcome snoring and dangerous interruptions in your breathing.

Quality features of the somnipax shirt at a glance

  • High-grade materials – GOTS-certified organic cotton

  • Manufactured in the EU to the highest quality standards

  • Replacement parts available to reorder over an extended period

  • Designed for optimum comfort

Order NOW – here’s why

Training effect

Positional sleep therapy trains you to sleep on your side. After a few weeks, many users even find they no longer need to wear the somnipax shirt at night.

Your simple introduction to positional sleep therapy

The somnipax shirt offers you an easy introduction to positional therapy. A user-friendly product at a competitive price. If you’re not sure whether positional therapy is for you, this product offers a very sophisticated solution at an attractive price.


Material of t-shirt
100% Organic Cotton
Maximum chest circumference
134 cm
Body weight
Slim Physique,Average Physique,Sturdy Physique,Heavyset Physique
Impact on nightly sweating
Washable material
Washable at (temperature)

Scope of delivery

1 shirt with hard foam roll

Customer reviews (6)

3.8 of 5 stars 6 Customer Reviews
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4 Stars 66% 4
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2 Stars 16% 1
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The somnipax Standard shirt is the ideal solution to prevent sleeping on the back. It helps prevent you from rolling onto your back. Important note: if you snore regardless of your position and your mouth is (almost) always open, then positional therapy is not suitable for you. This is known as mouth snoring and is instead treated with an anti-snoring mouthpiece such as the somnipax shield.

Return Policy

SomniShop 30-day Return Policy: Regardless of your statutory right to cancel your order or return the product, you can return any product bought on SomniShop within 30 days of receiving the product as long as the product is complete, unused and undamaged. Products that are sealed for hygienic purposes (‘personal hygiene products’) can only be returned if the packaging seal has not been broken. You can find further details on our 30 day money back guarantee in our GTC.

Sizing instructions

To find out which size is right for you, simply click on the ruler icon above "Add to basket". Here you’ll find instructions on how to take measurements for your body. Once you have these, you can use the enclosed table to find out your size. Choose from sizes XS–XXL for women and S–XXXL for men.

Instructions for use

Do not use this product if you are in recovery from spinal disc surgery, or suffer with spinal issues, positional vertigo, or central sleep apnoea syndrome and awakenings associated with this (also called arousals).

Instruction manual

When choosing your size for the somnipax shirt, please refer to our size chart. The T-shirt should form a close fit with your body, so should not be ordered in too large a size. Insert the hard foam roll into the opening provided on the T-shirt and close using the zip. Put the T-shirt on before going to bed. Now you can sleep easy without worrying about rolling onto your back. The T-shirt is machine washable – just ensure you remove the hard foam roll before washing.